About us


My passion for art and design started from the very moment I had the strength to hold a pencil in my three year old hand. One of my first ever memories was being mesmerised by the art on my favourite story book cover, and subsequently becoming obsessed with deconstructing how this piece of art was created. From that day I knew that art and design was my calling.  

My entire childhood memories are of the Yugoslavia war and the horrors associated with military conflict. 

Despite witnessing countless horrific tragedies during my adolescence, I have been taught many important life lessons. Notably, how to pull myself out of severe poverty and not to waste precious opportunities when they present themselves.  

When I finally had the confidence to escape my war torn country and emigrate to England, I had many mixed emotions. I was incredibly excited, but also deeply fearful for what may come. As a native Serbo-Croat, I arrived in England with only a few basic English words in my vocabulary. I struggled severely to even communicate the most simple sentences and faced racism and many other challenges. 

Despite these challenges, and with extremely limited resources, I singlehandedly managed to curate my own successful businesses. These businesses focussed solely on art, the first of which being my personal brand (Teaseme), manufacturing unique handmade ceramics based on the female form. The second being a very successful Interior Designer, serving very high end clients across the UK. 

What I love most about the industry, is that art and design can transcend all languages and race, it is universal in its function and unlocks something primal in our soul.

It gives me freedom of expression without judgment, it enables me to connect with people's subconscious emotions in ways that can't even be explained by cutting edge neuroscience.